​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

Address: 19-21 Jalan La Salle, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; Tel: (60) 5458220

(Acknowledgements: Reports by Kenna Lau; Photos and Videos by Anthony Foo, James Gough, and Tony Chen.)

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Preached Novena 2017

​(from 16 - 24 June)

Preached Novena

The Overall Theme of the Preached Novena is that adopted for this year's Parish Feast Day, namely "Mary, Mother of Family Life". Hence the themes for the individual nights of the Preached Novena revolves around this. This year there is even a Theme song - "Family of Faith". Also concurrently held were Masses said in Mandarin (18 - 20 June), Bahasa Malaysia (19-21 June) and Tamil (21 - 23 June). We are proud to bring you the reports for each of the eight nights of Masses said in English and a summary report of the Masses said in Mandarin - click on images below to access these reports. For the ninth night, click on "Parish Feast Day 2017".

Make Her Known


Preached Novena Video Gallery

Day / DateTitle
Day 1 / 16 June"Family Life in Today's World"
Day 2 / 17 June"Why get married in Church?"
Day 3 / 18 June"The Shoots of Marriage"
Day 4 / 19 June"Daily Love in Family Life"
Day 5 / 20 June"Hills and Valleys of Marriage"
Day 6 / 21 June"Family Spirituality"
Day 7 / 22 June"The Vocation of Family"
Day 8 / 23 June"The Wider Family"
Feast Day, 24 June
1Mass, Crowning & Consecration
2Procession & Benediction