​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

Parish Feast Day 2017

​(24 June)


A) Video Gallery for Parish Feast Day

1Mass, Crowning and Consecration
2Procession and Benediction

B) Photo Gallery

​​Anointing for the sick and Elderly (9.00am) 

About 250 people turned up for this service.  Parish Priest, Fr Joe Stephen led the prayers.  A total of 7 priests performed the anointing.  All were invited to the cafeteria for light breakfast fellowship.

Eucharistic Celebration (7.00pm) 

All preparations were done to have the celebration at the outdoor shrine.  About 2,000 people, including pilgrims from Penang, Selangor and Singapore, gathered by 6.30pm.  Around 6.50pm, there were drops of rain due to passing clouds and parish priest decided to have the mass indoors.  The church was filled to the brim as so was the parish hall.  Some remained at the outdoor shrine as the rain had stopped.

After communion, congregation re-gathered at the outdoor shrine for second part of the celebration including reading of our thanksgiving letter to Mother Mary by celebrant, Rev Fr Paul Kee, crowning of the icon, consecration of 11,350 families, candlelight procession and benediction.  After these, all were invited to a delicious curry dinner.

Menu for Parish Feast Day & Preached Novena
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