​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

Mass Online Broadcast

​​​​Address: Church: 1 Jalan Serindik; Redemptorists Community: 19-21 Jalan la Salle; 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; Tel: (60) 05 5458220; Email: omphip@gmail.com; FaceBook: https://m.facebook.com/OMPHipoh/

Mass Online Broadcast 2020/2021
MAY 2020
130th, SatPentecost Vigil 2020 (E), 10.00am
114th, SunFeast of Corpus Christi (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/OfCEAncPBOo>
228th, Sun13th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/9e7pYDzLh5o>
15th, Sun14th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/qSZuJLRb7FU>
212th, Sun15th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/P44e1nbpbQU>
319th, Sun16th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/LvTt4rUnvT4>
4- " -16th Sunday of Ordinary Time (E), Celebrated at Minor Basilica of St. Anne<https://youtu.be/S4NmiFFIvM0>
522nd, WedChrism Mass (E), Celebrated at Minor Basilica of St. Anne<https://youtu.be/P9KIvEJWBY8>
19th, Sun19th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/ecTxuwWreoI>
216th, Sun20th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/oIvSJghcaWg>
323rd, Sun21st Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/Za-fR5lyWN4>
430th, Sun22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/XdgFKTNqH6Y>
16th, Sun23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/7Bgqxdm8n9Q>
213th, Sun24th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/2LtYfYJs4Wo>
320th, Sun25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/hGyYl8fO4FI>
427th, Sun26th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/yCZ3T-MbdjY>
14th, Sun27th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/ETsqeX7unb0>
211th, Sun28th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/wgwoBOVspOY>
318th, Sun29th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/v0SM6GjH3F0>
425th, Sun 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/ImhmfHE0iJc>
11st, Sun All Saints' Day (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/UtmZ4wfaWj8>
28th, Sun32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/fNr7vs9-vhs>
315th, Sun33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/rela4fgMVek>
422nd, SunFeast of Christ the King (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/HlUcbu1sn2k>
528th, SatAdvent Graces and Christmas Celebrations (T)<https://youtu.be/8k5qB6YtKko>
629th, Sun1st Sunday of Advent (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/0cPdG-tNY1w>
16th, Sun2nd Sunday of Advent (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/ctv1MfST18g>
213th, Sun3rd Sunday of Advent (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/IWjsN7m05t0>
320th, Sun4th Sunday of Advent (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/QvCxFHDLlJQ>
424th, ThuChristmas Eve Mass (T), 8.00pm<https://youtu.be/idJKF4mFm2M>
527th, SunFeast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/n9ktQxO7q34>
13rd, SunEpiphany of the Lord (T), 10.00am
210th, SunThe Baptism of the Lord, feast (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/wecgW9c1XnY>
317th, Sun2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/VMWEqsQHAF8>
424th, Sun3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am; Also Sunday of the Word of God.<https://youtu.be/VBYI-0lzU0k>
531st, Sun4th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/Dj2R6swirQU>
17th, Sun5th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/9IQ2FFQ_HAg>
214th, Sun6th Sunday of Ordinary Time (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/6k7bQ51fC9Q>
319th, FriStations of the Cross & Friday after Ash Wednesday (T), 8.00pm<https://youtu.be/ZOUG48pjlEM>
421st, Sun1st Sunday of Lent (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/iphJQaJrZTE>
526th, FriStations of the Cross & 1st Friday of Lent (T), 8.00pm<https://youtu.be/9iEeWAeYENg>
628th, Sun2nd Sunday of Lent (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/aS2d4F23v6w>
15TH, FriStations of the Cross & 2nd Friday of Lent (T), 8.00pm
27th, Sun3rd Sunday of Lent (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/NnCWuoUKlVM>
312th, FriStations of the Cross & 3rd Friday of Lent (T), 8.00pm<https://youtu.be/ZyW2xLScH4Y>
414th, Sun4th Sunday of Lent (T), 10.00am <https://youtu.be/Oq5_rfQSWs4>
519th, FriStations of the Cross & Solemnity of St. Joseph (T), 8.00pm
621st, Sun5th Sunday of Lent (T), 10.00am<https://youtu.be/DCgubyY8bKw>
723rd, TueChrism Mass (E), Minor Basilica of St. Anne, Bukit Mertajam<https://youtu.be/UzzXHHlgh7Y>
826th, FriStations of the Cross & 5th Friday of Lent (T)
927th, SatPalm Sunday's Readings and Psalms (T)<https://youtu.be/pI1AZ79FE6A>
11st, ThuMaundy Thursday Mass (T), 8.00pm, Webcast
22nd, FriStations of the Cross (T), 3.00pm, Webcast<https://youtu.be/yhr2ZkLVVnc>
318th, SunResponsorial Psalm, 3rd Sunday of Easter, Ps 4:2, 3, 7-8, 9 (T), Webcast<https://youtu.be/3joIwt2WCic>
12nd, SunResponsorial Psalm, 5th Sunday of Easter, Ps 22:26-27, 28, 30, 31-32 (T), Wedcast
28th, SatResponsorial Psalm, 6th Sunday of Easter, 98:1, 2-3, 3-4 (T), Webcast - Mother's Day, 8.00pm
39th, SunHAPPY MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL :- Emmai Aatrum Thirumariyea | Tamil Mass Songs, 10.00am
416th, Sun7th Sunday of Easter (T), 10.00am, Webcast<https://youtu.be/3ld1bd3tgNw>
522nd, SatPentecost Vigil 2021 (E), 8.00pm, Webcast<https://youtu.be/8iPqY9kiZao>
623rd, SunPentecost Sunday Mass (T), 10.00am, Webcast
730th, SunTrinity Sunday Mass (T), 10.00am, Webcast<https://youtu.be/tQOvn7wrM4k>
831st, MonRosary and Mass on Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (E), 6.00pm, Webcast<https://youtu.be/XF_I36Vp4Cw>
16th, Sunகிறிஸ்துவின் திருவுடல், திருஇரத்தம் (தமிழ்) CORPUS CHRISTI - Tamil Mass - 10.00am, Webcast
213th, Sun11th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Tamil Mass - OMPH - Webcast - 10.00am
320th, Sun12th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Tamil Mass - OMPH - Webcast - 10.00am<https://youtu.be/0TQno4URfO8>
427th, SunParish Feast Day - Webcast - 9.00am<https://youtu.be/BSZTstGd_Q0>
527th, Sun13th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Tamil Mass - OMPH - Webcast - 10.00am<https://youtu.be/S1VVcXCxG0U>
14th, Sun14th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Tamil Mass - OMPH - Webcast - 10.00am
211th, Sun15th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Tamil Mass - OMPH - Webcast - 10.00am
318th, Sun16th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Tamil Mass - OMPH - Webcast - 10.00am
425th, Sun16th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Tamil Mass - OMPH - Webcast - 10.00am
1Nov 1"What Child Is This?", sung by Fr. Patrick Massang<https://youtu.be/PjsSe9fB-NQ>
2Apr 4"I'll Sing A Hymn To Mary", sung by Fr. Patrick Massang<https://youtu.be/k-ZEWMsWfFU>

NOTATION:(E): English; (T): Tamil.