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Spiritual Health

Spiritual Reflections Archive: 2021

MthDateReflection Title

3Beginnings, Endings and Revelations / flipbk
10The Baptism of the Lord - Beloved of God / flipbk
17Called by Name to Serve / flipbk
24Testimony & Witness / flipbk
31Teaching with Authority / flipbk
7Longing for the shade / flipbk
14Reach Out and Touch / flipbk
21Now is the Acceptable Time / flipbk
28 Go Forth / flipbk
7Cleansing the Spirit / flipbk
14Reason to Rejoice / flipbk
21A Different Path / flipbk
28Identifying with the suffering Christ / flipbk
4Some thoughts about Holy Week / flipbk
18You are the Witness / flipbk
25I know mine and mine know me / flipbk
2True Vine and True Branches / flipbk
9Remain in my Love / flipbk
16Fulfilling the Vision / flipbk
23The Language of the Spirit / flipbk
30Until the end of the Age / flipbk
6Covenant & Gift / flipbk
13How it is with the Kingdom of God / flipbk
20Moving from Fear to Faith / flipbk
27Two Encounters/ flipbk
4Not Without Honor / flipbk
11Being Chosen and Being Sent / flipbk
18Woe to the Shepherds / flipbk
25Practicing Eternity / flipbk
1Sign & Substance / flipbk
8Get Up and Eat / flipbk
15Great things done for us - Assumption of Mary / flipbk
22Understanding & Belief / flipbk
29From the Heart / flipbk
Sep5Speaking plainly / flipbk
12Two Questions, Two Rebukes / flipbk
19Like Little Children / flipbk
26The Inner Circle / flipbk
3Fidelity in a broken World / flipbk
10Agenda v. Commitment / flipbk
17The Wrong Questions / flipbk
24I want to see / flipbk
31We are a broken people / flipbk
Nov7Being Noticed / flipbk
14Look to the Signs / flipbk
21Solemnity of Christ the King - Belonging to the Truth / flipbk
28Be Vigilant, Pray and Listen / flipbk
Dec5Prophetic Voices / flipbk
12What should we do? / flipbk
19Word became Flesh / flipbk
26Child of Hope / flipbk
Key: 1st link: e-PDF; 2nd link (flipbk): flipbook.

Quotes from St. (Mother) Teresa of Kolkata

"But when you pray, go to your private room, shut yourself in, and so pray to your Father who is in that secret place, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you."

Matthew 6:6 (from Gospel reading, Wednesday 17 June, 11th Week Ordinary Time, YrB)

From the Redemptorists Fathers and Deacons in Indonesia: "For the Sake of the Rest"

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Spiritual Reflections Archive: 2023
MthDateReflection Title

6th"Transformed & Transfigured"
13th"All in the same boat"

Key: 1st link: e-PDF; 2nd link (flipbk): flipbook.
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This page is dedicated to bringing you religious writings and reports from our priests posted in OMPH Church's bulletin and elsewhere. We hope that they will provide you with useful reflections on the Word of God and, in some way, enhance your spiritual health. Click on the text highlighted as shown in table below to access the article required. Enjoy! For articles published in 2015 and 2016, click here, and 2017 and 2018, click here. Below are some uplifting items for this period of the COVID-19 pandemic: 1) A Coronavirus Prayer, 2) "You are not alone" song, 3) "For the Sake of the Rest" by Redemptorists Fathers and Deacons in Indonesia.