​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

In his Pentecost homily [both on Saturday and Sunday] , Fr Patrick explained that life was no longer the same when Pentecost came . The Apostles and disciples were brought from darkness [hiding in fear] to light [courage in evangelization].  This light of Pentecost became a raging fire which consumed the whole upper room.  Indeed, all that was promised was fulfilled.  The Counsellor whom all have been waiting for has come.  The Holy Spirit who is also the Intercessor, Comforter, Advocate and Strengthener has come to lead us to live life fully.

Fr Patrick shared that today, we are given the greatest gift – the Gift of Reconciliation – in that we become friends with God again. Nothing will ever separate us from God again because of Pentecost. God’s Spirit at Pentecost reversed discord, disunity, disharmony and disintegration created by the tower of Babel.  The Holy Spirit united God’s people. The Apostles left the Upper Room filled with the Spirit and little did they know that they will face a brutal death like Jesus.  They could not contain themselves, they evangelised with courage and joy.  The Holy Spirit gave gifts  for the edification and unification of the Church. Fr Patrick explained the mitre worn by our pope and bishops symbolize the tongue of fire of the Holy Spirit.  Priests share in this ministry in the body of Christ.  Let the ring of fire of the Holy Spirit unite us.  The Spirit of God is present in us all.

Vigil Mass

Triduum Day 3

(8 June, Saturday)

Triduum Day 2

(7 June, Friday)

Pentecost Vigil Mass began at 6.45pm presided by Fr Patrick Massang and concelebrated by Fr Philip Lai.  The church was full being Sunset Mass. Many wore red  [the colour of the fire the Holy Spirit].  The OMPH CCR Music Ministry led the singing in this Mass and joined by a few members from the OMPH choir.

The shofar was blown calling to prayer before the Gloria was sung in worship.  Altar servers participated in a ritual of the Pascal Candle before it was extinguished being end Easter.  The unveiling of the ring of fire was spectacular.  Thanks to the creative team for their hard efforts.

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Praise and novena prayers to the Holy Spirit began at 7.30pm led by Helen Dennis. Mass was presided by our parish priest, Rev Fr Patrick Massang  and concelebrated by Fr Philip Lai and Fr Joseph Stephen.  It was attended by around 300 people including those from local sister parishes.  Lively charismatic music of keyboard, drums, bass and guitars accompanied singing from the hearts by members of the OMPH-CCR Music Ministry.

 In his homily, Fr Patrick Massang opened our hearts to what it means to be empowered.  It is a tall order, Fr Patrick explained, what it means to be empowered to be a witness, the call of every baptized Christian.  Fr Patrick reflected on whether OMPH is a witnessing church or a dead church.  He also spoke on the blood of the martyrs being the seed of the church such as St Charles Lwanga of Uganda and his 21 companions and the Vietnamese saints and martyrs.  In today’s news, 300 people die monthly because of their Christian faith.  Before ending, Fr Patrick asked us to yield to and let the Holy Spirit empower us so that our faith can be a living one.

The evening ended with lots of joy and fellowship over coffee and snacks at the cafeteria.

Triduum Day 1

(6 June, Thursday)

Praise and novena prayers to the Holy Spirit began at 7.30pm led by Elizabeth Nathan.  Mass was presided by our assistant parish priest, Rev Fr Philip Lai and concelebrated by Fr Patrick Massang and Fr Joseph Stephen.  The crowd was around 300.

In his homily,  Fr Philip Lai explained what is Pentecost and led us to reflect on the movement of the Holy Spirit in the Universal Church, our community and in our lives.

As in Day 1, the evening ended with lots of joy and fellowship over coffee and snacks at the cafeteria.

Pentecost Triduum 2019

​(6 - 8 June)

Vigil Prayer