​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

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​​​​​Novena Devotion

Saturday, Online 9.00am

March / April

Latest Novena On-line (#204):

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Novena Devotion Webcast Archive: 2020 (May) - 2023

​​​​Address: Church: 1 Jalan Serindik; Redemptorists Community: 19-21 Jalan la Salle; 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; Tel: (60) 05 5458220; Email: omphip@gmail.com; FaceBook: https://m.facebook.com/OMPHipoh/

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Novena Devotion Webcast Archive: 2024

January / February

Novena Devotionis an archive of past videos of Novena Devotions broadcast online since 2 May 2020 by the Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Ipoh, Malaysia. This page archives the Devotions of 2024, with links to archives from 2020 - 2023. At the Devotion, Petitions and Thanksgiving Letters are offered to our Mother Mary for her intercession to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.