​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

Sunday school students had a great deal of fun participating in the events prepared for each level as they cheered for their friends not only from their own class but also of other age groups. Parents too were enjoying the games as they cheered and clicked candid shots of their little ones. Gold medals were given to every student who participated the events. Gold medals were given as to appreciate the teamwork among students in every team and to appreciate their effort. Every student was a champion on Sunday Funday.

Credit must be given to the Sunday School teachers and especially to the OMPH Youths who took so much effort and time in preparing the games for their fellow little friends. Sunday Funday was surely a successful event and students are looking forward to the next formation. 

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Acknowlegement: Article on SUNDAY FUNDAY by Lillian Kandiah of OMPH Sunday School; Video by Victor Roland.

Sunday Funday

​(31 March 2019)

The Cathecatical Ministry of Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Ipoh, Perak, organised a formation with the theme, Sunday Funday. It was a formation for all Sunday School students. The Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia (BM) speaking students and teachers were also involved in the Sunday Funday. The main objective of the event was to strengthen the bond amongst parishioners.

The event was held on March 31st. Sunday School Teachers, students, parents, OMPH Youths and parishioners gathered at the church field by 9.30am. Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Patrick Massang, C.Ss.R., officiated the event with a prayer. A warmup with Senamrobic by the OMPH youths got everyone at the field to loosen up and get ready for the telematch events.

Telematch events for students in Preschool class till Standard 5 were held in the church hall, while fun and games for students in Standard 6 to Form 4 were held on the field. There were fun games for parents and other parishioners who were willing to participate. All telematch games were prepared, arranged and conducted by the OMPH Youths.