​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

With  this Mass, celebrated on the evening of Holy Thursday (on 18 April 2019), the Church inaugurates the sacred Pschal Triduum, aims at recalling that Last Supper, when the Lord Jesus, on the night he was betrayed, loving those who were his own in the world until the very end, offered his Body and Blood under the species of bread and wine to God and under these symbols, gave them to his Apostles that they might consume them, and commanded them and their successors in the priesthood to offer them. The washing of feet, which is done for a select number of people, shows forth the service and the love of Christ, who came not to be served but to serve. At the end of the prayed after communion, a procession is formed whch makes its way through the chuch with incense and candles, bearing the Eucharist to the Altar of Repose. 

(Adapted from Ordo, 2018-2019, pg 44, 45)

Fr. Robin Lomangkok, C.Ss.R., on "Good Friday ~ An Act of Love"

Procession to Altar of Repose

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Communion Offerings


Washing of Feet

Veneration of the Cross

All imageries: courtesy of Tony Chen;

Video on "Good Friday ~ an Act of Love" by Common Home TV;

Video on "Easter Sunday" by Fr. Patrick Massang.

Easter Vigil

(20 April) 

Good Friday

(19 April) 

Make Her Known

Stations of the Cross

On this day, when Christ our paschal Lamb was sacrificed, the Church contemplates and adores the Cross of her Lord and Spouse, commemorating her own coming forth from the side of Christ as he slept on the Cross, interceding for the salvation of the world. The Celebration of the Lord's Passion is to take place in the afternoon, at round about 3pm. The Cross is shown to the people and proffered for adoration/veneration. Stations of the Cross is prayed before or after the Celebration.

(Ref. Ordo, 2018-2019, Year C, pg 46). 

By a most ancient tradition, this night is dedicated to the Lord, and the Vigil is celebrated during it, commemorating that holy night when the Lord rose from the dead, is regarded as the "Mother of all holy vigils". For in this night the Church awaits in vigil the Resurrection of the Lord, and celebrates it with the sacraments of Christian initiation.

(Ref. Ordo, 2018-2019, Year C, pg 48). 

Procession, Lighting of candles

Easter Sunday

(21 April) 

Holy Thursday

(18 April)

Exsultation Proclamation 

Paschal Triduum 2019

​(18 - 21 April)