​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

​​​​​​​​The Parish Feast Day for 2018 for the Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help (Ipoh, Malaysia) was celebrated on 23 June as a culmination of 9 nights of Novena Devotions which began on 15 June. Theme of the entire event, dedicated to Our Mother, was "Mary: A Model Disciple of Hope". There were also 3 nights of preached Mass in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia from 17 - 19 June, and in Tamil from 20 - 22 June. The theme for Sunday 24 June was "Our Mission is Hope filled". 

Below are following materials for reference and appreciation:

1) Programme for the Feast Day celebration throughout 15 to 23 June - click on image of altar stage.

2) Video 1 "Mary and Thankful - watch the set of images of past and current church events set to the delightful hymn "Thankful" sang by the children on Day 5 of the Novena.

3) PDF on collection of Marian posters - Marian posters were displayed during the first 8 nights of Novena and these are collated in the PDF file together with some Inspirational Messages and reports on several of the night's proceedings.

4) Video 2 "Mary: A Model Disciple of Hope" - Homily by Fr. Paul Kee, C.Ss.R., on theme "Mary: A Model Disciple of Hope".

​5) Video 3 "Crowning of Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help and Consecration of Families" - a recording of these 2 events.

6) Reading materials - on Mary and Hope.

​7) Photo Gallery.

8) Kinta Chronicles on the Parish Feast Day.

9) Report on the Parish Feast Day by James and Kenna.

10) Photos on Feast Day Breakfast Morning on 24 June, 2018 by Good Shepherd Sisters, Tamil & Chinese Apostolate, Parishioners from Kristus Aman church, KL.

Photo Gallery

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Some suggested readings related to theme of Feast Day.

Make Her Known

Parish Feast Day & Novena 2018

​(Feast Day: 23 June; Novena: 15 June - 23 June)

Make Her Known

View photos on Feast Day Food Stalls that were set up on 24 June.