​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

​​​OMPH  church has adopted a new Youth Formation program.

“The youth formation program will use sports and games as a means to formation” said Fr Joseph Stephen, OMPH Parish Priest. “

The program will be held once a month in the time allotted for Sunday classes and lasts from 10.00am to 12noon.

According to Jonathan Gough who proposed the program, he plans to use the Sports ministry as a medium to create more disciples of Christ.

“Young people have a lot of energy and I intend to use this energy to help deepen our relationship with God and to create young leaders in future."

“The format of the class will be a games session followed by a Life Lesson which will be led by the teachers otherwise known as Life Coaches”.

He gave the example of a ‘Life Lesson’ during his second session which was ‘Love’

“If someone criticized you, would you like it? On reflection you quote the Bible, ’do unto others as you want like other to do unto you’."

“These are the values, quoting what God said as based on the Bible."

“Children are at a development stage. We give them the Word for them to reflect on so when the time comes they can adopt these values. We can only provide the guideline” said Gough.

Some of the course objective are 1) Create a family, 2) Create a place where the children can feel that they belong, and 3) Using sports and games as a medium to preach the word of God

We pray that the program will be a success and that it will create more disciples in future.



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New Youth Formation Program

​(19 February)

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