​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia


​(27 February)


Mystery Solved - OMPH Church Catches A Pair ‘Musangs /Civet Cats’

The two Musangs that didn't get away.

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A  Musang had been littering the church recently, not the rat, and it has been caught.

In fact it a pair of Musang’s (civet cats) thus solving the case of the ‘Mysterious Litter’ found at the choir loft, sacristy and other parts of OMPH church.

The suspicion of Fr. Joe, Parish Priest, was confirmed when alerted of the sightings recently.

He set a trap using mangoes as bait which he hooked to inside of the large cage.

But the Musang was smart. It took down the fruit then peeled off the skin and ate the fruit leaving behind the empty cage.

Thinking that the cage was old and the trap door was not functioning well Fr Joe bought another cage.

This time he bought ripe mangoes and secured it firmly to the roof of both the cages making sure it triggered the trap door.

It worked. This morning, on 27 February, two Musangs were trapped in the cages, and by the looks of them were well fattened.

A call to PERHILITAN or the Department of Wildlife and National Parks ensured that the animals were securely taken away. Thus a long standing mystery at OMPH church was solved.