Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Ipoh, Malaysia

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G) Video

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  • 1st Reading (in Tamil): Isaiah 7:10-171:58
  • Responsorial Psalm (in English): Psalm 662:41
  • 2nd Reading (in Mandarin): Rev 12:1-6, 10.2:31
  • Gospel Acclamation (in English)1:07
  • Gospel (in English): John 2:1-112:20
  • Homily (in English): Fr. Patrick Massang4:29
  • Homily (in Mandarin): Fr. Aloysius Tan3:45
  • Homily (in Tamil): Fr. Simon Anand5:09
  • Homily (in Bahasa Malaysia): Fr. Paul Michael Kee6:40
  • Letter of Thanksgiving (in English)3:19

F) Audio Recordings

E) The Procession

D) The Celebration itself

C) The Celebration: Just before commencement

A) Blessing Service for the Old and Sick & Fellowship thereafter: 9.00am, 20th June.

B) Preparation: Morning & Afternoon, prior to Feastday Celebration at 7.00pm.

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Address: 19-21 Jalan La Salle, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; Tel: (61) 5458220

Parish Feast Day:

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