21 April 2021, Wednesday, 3rd Week of Easter; Lit Colour: White; OR St. Anselm, Bishop & Doctor, memorial.

  • 1st Reading: Ac 8:1b-8; Responsorial Psalm: Ps 65:1-3a, 4-5, 6-7a; Gospel: Jn 6:35-40.
  • ​​Prayer for Living: pg 27-28 "Jesus, the Bread of Life, does not reject but welcomes all".​​

[Ref. Daily Readings: Universalis.com; Bible Quotes: oremus Bible Browser;  Reflections (1): CatholicCulture.org; (2) OMPH Spiritual Health]

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19 April 2021, Monday, 3rd Week of Easter; Lit Colour: White;

  • 1st Reading: Ac 6:8-15; Responsorial Psalm: Ps 118:23-24, 26-27, 29-30; Gospel: Jn 6:22-29.
  • ​Audio of Readings above.
  • Prayer for Living: pg 24-25 "Jesus alone can satisfy".​​

Mass Readings

18 April 2021, 3rd Sunday of Easter; Lit Colour: White;

  • 1st Reading: Ac 3: 13-15, 17-19; Responsorial Psalm: Ps 4:2, 4, 6-7, 9; 2nd Reading: 1 Jn 2:1-5a; Gospel: Lk 24:35-48.
  • Audio of Readings above.
  • Prayer for Living: pg 23-24 "God is peace".​​

22 April 2021, Thursday, 3rd Week of Easter; Lit Colour: White.

  • 1st Reading: Ac 8:26-40; Responsorial Psalm: Ps 65:8-9, 16-17, 20; Gospel: Jn 6:44-51.
  • ​​Prayer for Living: pg 28-29 "Jesus, the living bread".​​
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20 April 2021, Tuesday, 3rd Week of Easter; Lit Colour: White;

  • 1st Reading: Ac 7:51-8:1a; Responsorial Psalm: Ps 30:3cd-4, 6ab and 7b-8a, 17 and 21ab; Gospel: Jn 6:30-35.
  • Audio of Readings above.
  • Prayer for Living: pg 26 "Jesus, the bread of life, my food for the journey".​​

​​Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Ipoh, Malaysia

"For I do not seek to understand in order to believe, but I believe in order to understand. For I believe this: unless I believe, I will not understand." 

- St. Anselm of Canterbury (from "brainyquote.com")

Easter Season: The fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost are celebrated in joyful exultation as one feast day, or better as one “great Sunday”. These above all others are the days for the singing of the Alleluia. (1)

This extended season gives us time to rejoice and experience what it means when we say Christ is risen. It’s the season when we remember our baptisms and how through this sacrament we are, according to the liturgy, “incorporated into Christ’s mighty acts of salvation.” As “Easter people,” we also celebrate and ponder the birth of the Church and gifts of the Spirit (Pentecost), and how we are to live as faithful disciples of Christ. (2)

​The Easter candle, lighted for the first time from the new fire of the Easter Vigil, is placed in a prominent place in the sanctuary between Easter and Pentecost and should be lighted for all liturgical services in this season and should be incensed whenever incense is used in the fifty days.

The color of the vesture for the season is white, and the cloth or frontal for the altar should be white as well. Liturgical hangings or banners should be made of white and contrasting colors and should reflect the season of new life, fulfillment, rejoicing and joy at the season.(3)


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