Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Ipoh, Malaysia

Scan QR Code on "OMPH Mass & Novena Devotion Time: Updated 21 August 2020" in your mobile phone for easy reference. For content of QR Code, see*.

​​​​Address: Church: 1 Jalan Serindik; Redemptorists Community: 19-21 Jalan la Salle; 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; Tel: (60) 05 5458220; Email: omphip@gmail.com; FaceBook: https://m.facebook.com/OMPHipoh/

Saturday Novena Devotion: 9.00am (online broadcast premier - click <https://youtu.be/vZDena5qgxQ> at due time)

Mass Requirements: Summary

1Weekday Mass, [from 2 September onwards]: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.30am, wef 2 September (Wednesday)."in-person self registration"
2Public Holiday Mass, on any day of the week, excluding Saturday and Sunday, at 8.00am."in-person self registration"
3Weekend Mass, Saturdays at 5.30pm (E), Sundays at 8.00am (E), 10.00am (T) (Online Broadcast); 11.00am (T or C) on alternate basis; 1st Sunday of month 8.00am Mass in BM."Pre-Registered rotation"

Make Her Known

New Church Mass Schedule (updated 21 August 2020):

*Content of above QR Code:

* WEEKDAY MASS: 6.30am (Monday, Wednesday & Friday, except on Public Holidays, Mass will be at 8.00am);
* SATURDAY NOVENA DEVOTION: 9.00am (online broadcast premier - link available at homepage of <http://www.omphip.org>);
* SATURDAY SUNSET MASS: 5.30pm (English);
~ 8.00m (English);
~ 8.00am (Bahasa Malaysia) - every 1st Sunday of month;
~ 10.00am (Tamil) - Online Broadcast;
​~ 11.00am (Tamil/Chinese - Mandarin).

Novena Devotions, Mass Times and Other Services 

Daily Mass:

  • DAILY MASS at 6.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Self service registration is open to parishioners of all ages in compliance with SOPs.