Procession & Benediction

REPORTS (Contd.,)
DAY 4 – MONDAY 24 June 2019
TOPIC:  “Sent to bring the Message of Hope” by Rev Fr. Simon Pereira C.Ss.R.

1st Reading

2nd Reading


Isaiah 49:1-6

​​Acts 13:22-26

Luke 1:57-66, 80

Fr. Simon Pereira started his homily by asking the congregation whether they thought that the Universal Catholic Church is a beacon and light of hope to the world.  Congregation replied with a resounding “Yes”.  Indeed the Catholic Church is the largest non-governmental charity provider of education and medical services in the world. 

As Christian missionaries, we are called to bring hope though there may be a great price tag in doing so.   John the Baptist, too, paid dearly for bringing the good news [hope] by preaching the gospel of repentance and by telling of the coming of Jesus.  Fr Pereira affirmed care givers as they bring hope to those they care for.  He prayed over those who needed empowerment and reminded all to say a prayer with these words when we awake in the morning, “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.  Lord, I cast all my care on You.  Holy Trinity, overshadow me.”

Novena and Parish Feast Day 2019

​(21-29 June)

(Acknowledgement: Reports by Kenna Lau for Days 1 - 8, and James Gough for Parish Feast Day; Images for Day 1 by courtesy of Tony Oon Aik Guan; Day 6 by courtesy of Martina Choy; images for Annointing of the Sick and Elderly on Feast Day by courtesy of Anthony Law, and all other days by courtesy of Tony Chen; recording of song "Icon Of Love" courtesy of Rev. Fr. Patrick Massang.)

A Thank You Note

We thank God for the Spirit filled Feast Day celebration.
The Nine nights of preaching were well attended and well celebrated.
We also thank all the Ministries who worked tirelessly to see to the smooth flow of everything from the Novenas to Eucharistic and Feastday celebrations.
Special thanks to all our Donors who responded so generously to defray the expenditure for the feastday.
Our thanks to the Combined Liturgical Ministries who met to plan and prepare for the feast.
Our thanks to the Art Ministry, the Flower Decorators, our Youths, the Outdoor Shrine Team, Volunteers for
helping out in their creative works.
To all our Liturgical groups from all languages for their dedicated service.
To all our BECs and Ministries for organizing the nightly fellowship gathering, thank you for your generosity.
To all who worked behind the scene.
Special thanks to all our Preachers –
Rev. Fathers – Gerard Louis,CSsR, Simon Pereira,CSsR, Louis Loi, Simon Lau, Vincent Thomas for sharing with us the Word of God – “Mary, Mother of Mission”
May Almighty God bless you all and Our Blessed Mother intercede for you.
Happy Feastday!

Crowning of Icon

REPORTS (Contd.,)
DAY 5 – TUESDAY 25 June 2019
TOPIC:  “Unity in Christ” by Rev Fr. Gerard Louis C.Ss.R.

1st Reading


Ephesians 2:11-19​

John 17:19-23

Fr. Gerard Louis reflected on today’s gospel which is the farewell discourse and priestly prayer of Jesus.  Jesus prayed that all be one as He and the Father are one.  In fact, the Trinity God is community, the 3 persons in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is totally united with one another.  As we are made in God’s image, we are called to be in community.

St Paul, in his letter to the Ephesian church, called for unity and how to build a Christian community with its many challenges of diversity in ethnicity and culture.  Jew and Gentile Christians are called to live in a united community as disciples and followers of Christ.  We are called to do the same.

REPORTS (Contd.,)
DAY 7 – THURSDAY 27 June 2019
TOPIC:  “Baptised and Sent” by Rev Fr. Simon Pereira C.Ss.R.

1st Reading

Galatians 3:26-29
John 20:19-23

​Fr. Pereira reminded us that in Jesus Christ, there is plentiful redemption.  Jesus breathed His Holy Spirit into His disciples and sent them out to preach, witness and heal.  Yes, there were signs and wonders and it can still be too today.  Baptized and sent is a very powerful command of Jesus to his disciples and followers.   As the Father has sent Jesus, Jesus is sending us to be his eyes, ears, hands and feet.   Christianity is the only religion who identifies with the poor and marginalised.   Jesus said that what we do to the least, we are doing to Him.

Tonight, Fr. Pereira together with the congregation prayed over the youth and young, sending them off to proclaim the good news of Jesus in their own way into the world.

Pre-Eucharistic Preparations

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Ipoh, Malaysia

Make Her Known

Annointing of the Sick and Elderly

THEME: Mary, Mother of Mission

DAY 1 – Friday 21 June 2019
TOPIC:  “Courage to be different” by Rev Fr. Simon Pereira C.Ss.R.

1st Reading


1 Corinthians 16:13
Luke 4:1-13

This first night of preached novena was well attended.  In his homily, Fr. Simon Pereira, explained much courage is needed in facing difficult times such as the ever increasing persecution of Christians.  It is the Holy Spirit who gives courage to those who are persecuted even to martyrdom.  In our life’s mission as Christians, we are called to do all things with love and St Paul exhorts us to be alert and be courageous in the face of adversities. 

Fr. Simon also reflected on tonight’s Gospel reading on the temptations of Jesus and how Jesus courageously rebuked these temptations and how we can apply these to our own lives.

REPORTS (Contd.,)
DAY 3 – SUNDAY 23 June 2019
TOPIC:  “Call to Holiness” by Rev Fr. Gerard Louis C.Ss.R.

1st Reading


2 Corinthians 7:1

Matthew 5:38-48

Fr. Gerard reflected that while mission is witnessing God’s love to those around us, holiness is for every baptized because we are called to be holy [to be perfect as the Father is perfect].  The 3 aspects of holiness are 1) to be set apart for God 2) being authentic and 3) living the Eucharist in our lives.

We must recognize that we are set apart by God by the virtue of our baptism and we called to live the best we can that is to be authentic, be true to ourselves and others, recognizing that we are broken and need conversion.  While we may have failings being human, we are called to strive to be the kind of person we are created by God to be. Living the Eucharist is to do everything in memory of Jesus being His disciple / follower, to be the best person we can be.

Eucharistic Celebration

​Address: 19-21 Jalan La Salle, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; Tel: (61) 5458220.

REPORTS (Contd.,)
DAY 6 – WEDNESDAY 26 June 2019
TOPIC:  “Proclaim the Joy of the Gospel” by Rev Fr. Simon Pereira C.Ss.R.

1st Reading


Nehemiah 8:9-12

Luke 15:1-10

Salvation is the joy of being healed, touched and liberated by our Divine Lord.  Fr Pereira reflected on today’s Gospel on the lost sheep and also touched on Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis.  He gave us some insight on prisoners on death row, between those who made peace with God before they were put to death and those who did not.

Joy is finding reconciliation with God.  We encounter Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and through this,  we are given wholesome sanctifying graces by God which sets us free [liberation].

REPORTS (Contd.,)
DAY 8 – FRIDAY 28 June 2019 (Readings from The Solemnty of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)
TOPIC:  “Make us Shepherds” by Rev Fr. Simon Pereira C.Ss.R.

1st Reading:

2nd Reading:


​Ezekiel 34:11-16

Romans 5:5-11

Luke 15:3-7

We are here because we hear the voice of the Shepherd, Fr Pereira said. When we encounter Jesus, we can hear His calling.  When we do as He tells us, we are transformed. We are made into shepherds ourselves with hallmarks of compassion and empathy. Compassion is journeying with others with a sense of passion.  Empathy is likened to able to listen to the other’s heart beat.

We must remember to emulate our Good Shepherd, Jesus, by retreating to pray often for without prayer, nothing happens. Our Blessed Mother encourages us, telling us that God has not abandoned us in her apparition after apparition in all parts of the world. Our daily living in carrying our crosses in following Christ is likened to martyrdom.

Tonight many couples [filling the whole sanctuary] went up to pledge their wedding vows anew. 

REPORTS (Contd.,)
DAY 2 – Saturday 22 June 2019 (Readings from Solemnity of The Most Holy Body and Blood of The Lord)
TOPIC:  “Mission is the Life of the Church” by Rev Fr Gerard Louis C.Ss.R.

1st Reading

2nd Reading


Genesis 14:18-20

1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Luke 9:11b-17

Tonight’s church was packed.   Fr. Gerard Louis explained what is “mission”, which in brief is,  sharing the story of Jesus with others and live the life Jesus called us to.   Every baptized Christian is called to do mission by witnessing to their families, friends, colleagues; in their own homes, work places, schools, communities and so forth.  Priests and religious are to help the lay people achieve their mission through formations and teachings. 

Pope Francis has designated October 2019 as the Extraordinary Month of Mission (EMM).  All baptized Catholics are called to transform society according to the gospel.  Today, we celebrated Corpus Christi.  The Eucharist gives us strength to accomplish this mission.  In reflecting today’s gospel reading of 5 loaves and 2 fish, we are called to use the little we have, to take one small step forward for a miracle to take place.  In witnessing God’s love, we are to invite, to welcome, and to be inclusive to all especially those who are new to our faith.

REPORTS (Contd.,)
DAY 9 (Parish Feast Day) – SATURDAY 29 June 2019
TOPIC:  “Mary, Mother of Mission” by Rev Fr. Simon Pereira C.Ss.R.

1st Reading:

2nd Reading:


​​Isaiah 7:10-17

Rev 12:1-6, 10

John 19:25-27

​The theme for the feast day this year was ‘Mary, Mother of Mission’. Feast Day programme included a service on anointing the Sick and Elderly in the morning, followed in the evening, starting 6.00pm, with the Eucharistic Celebration, Dedication of Families, Crowning of the Icon, Procession, and ending with Benediction. Video on Homily by Rev. Fr. Simon Pereira, C.Ss.R. can be viewed at <>. There was also a ‘blue theme colour’ where all ministry’s participating were required to wear blue and a theme song “Icon of Love” composed by none other but the parish priest Fr Patrick Massang.

Another first was the inclusion of Orang Asli to participate in this year’s celebration. The busload of Orang Asli from the Catholic community of Batu Berangkai and Temoh , Kampar were invited complete with their 'traditional bamboo instruments', choir of singers and dancers. They danced the sewang while singing a song to ' O Ave Maria' before the procession started from the church and again at the end.

The crowning of the ICON was performed by Grace Kang from the Chinese community assisted by Jennifer Wong and Shirley Chen after which the book containing 8520 names and families was placed before the the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help for consecration.​

​Altogether it was a beautiful evening blessed with good weather and loved and appreciated by a grateful congregation.