Christmas Activities 2018

​ (December)

Acknowledgement: Videos by Victor Roland.

OMPH Sunday School children once again mesmerized the parishioners with their angelic voices inviting the joyful spirit of Christmas. They sang Christmas Carols on the 1st and 2nd Advent (2nd Dec and 9th Dec 2018) to raise funds. These children were on a mission organised by the Pontifical Mission Societies for children; Society of Holy Childhood for the “Children Helping Children Project”.

On 1st Advent, the children sang the Story of Jesus. They were dressed as the 3 Kings, shepherds, angels, Mary, Joseph and a baby doll as Jesus. On the 2nd Advent, they presented all-time favourite Christmas Carols. Parishioners joined in and sang and also danced in the joyful atmosphere.

Along with the carols, Christmas themed handcrafts such as candle wreath, ball wreath, angel topper and many more were made by students and teachers and were sold. OMPH ever supportive and appreciative parishioners contributed to the success of this project.

It was a meaningful, merry and joyful start for Advent 2018.

Christmas preparations at OMPH church are depicted in the videos posted. Enjoy.

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