​​Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Ipoh, Malaysia

Penang Diocesan Lenten Campaign 2021: Ignite Hope

  • e-PDF of Posters (collation of posters in all 4 languages with video on Lenten Message by Bishop of Penang under page footnote.)

Stations of the Cross (edition by St. Alphonsus):

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. It marks the start of a journey that will prepare our hearts for Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary and His Resurrection from the dead.  It is a time that re-energizes us with spiritual fervor. By receiving ashes on our head, we will hear once again a clear invitation to conversion which can be expressed with a double formula: "Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel", or: "Remember, man, that you are dust and unto dust you will return".​


Ash Wednesday & Lenten Season

​(17 February - 03 April)

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PDFs of Lenten Season Starter:

​​​​Stations of the Cross


DateStations of the Cross & Mass Link
19 FebruaryFriday after Ash Wednesday<https://youtu.be/ZOUG48pjlEM>
26 FebruaryFriday, 1st Week of Lent<https://youtu.be/9iEeWAeYENg>
5 MarchFriday, 2nd Week of Lent<https://youtu.be/ttbgaJ8w_6g>
12 MarchFriday, 3rd Week of Lent<https://youtu.be/ZyW2xLScH4Y>
19 March Friday, 4th Week of Lent<https://youtu.be/x1IL8McMch8>
26 MarchFriday, 5th Week of Lent

Prayer guide for Lent:

  • by the Maryknoll Sisters

Lent is a time for preparation for the celebration of Easter. The Liturgy prepares the catechumens for the celebration of the Paschal Mystery by the various stages of Christian initiation; as well as the faithful, who recall their baptism and do penance in preparation for Easter.

Lent is the penitential season of approximately 40 days set aside by the Church in order for the faithful to prepare for the celebration of the Lord's Passion, Death and Resurrection. Works of penance include prayer, fasting and alms giving. (1)
During Lent,the faithful willingly submit to fasting and self-denial in imitation of Our Lord's forty-day fast in the desert. It is in these dark and still nights, these desert times, that the soul experiences its greatest growth. There, in the inner arena, the soul battles the world, the flesh and the devil just as the Lord battled Satan's triple temptation in the desert. His battle was external, for Jesus could not sin; our battle is interior, but with a hope sustained by the knowledge of Christ's Easter victory over sin and death.​ His victory is our renewal, our "spring" - which is the meaning of the Anglo-Saxon word, "lengten" or Lent. In this penitential season we have the opportunity to make an annual spiritual "tune-up", a 40-day retreat with Our Lord. (2)

[Ref. 1) Ordo, 2019-2020, pg29; (2) CatholicCulture.org]