Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Ipoh, Malaysia

​Address: 19-21 Jalan La Salle, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; Tel: (61) 5458220.

Parish Feast Day

Theme: Mary, Mother of Missions

Venue: Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help

a) Date: 29 June 2019 (Saturday)

    Time: 9.00am (Annointing for the Sick and Elderly); 7.00pm (Feast Day Celebration)

b) Sub-Theme: Taking the First Step

    Date: 30 June 2019 (Sunday)

    Time: 8.00am (Mass in English); 10.00am (Mass in Tamil); 11.30am (Mass in Mandarin)

Make Her Known

Parish Feast Day 2019 Announcements

​(29 June)